The Founding Directors of RHA invite you to Raise Your Hand in Support of the Auburn Shelter and become a part of the Hands of Hope Donor Circle. Individual and Corporate donations in any amount are always being accepted.

RHA provides shelter and a path toward stability for the homeless men and women of the Auburn area. RHA also helps facilitate communication, understanding and support of homeless needs thru community outreach and education.

The RHA Outreach team needs your help. Paper products and laundry soap are in high demand daily in the operation of the shelter. Donations may be dropped off at the shelter between 4 - 5 p.m. or at several community supporter locations.

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Beginning in Winter 2014, Right Hand Auburn, (RHA) devoted its energy to passionately advocating for an emergency homeless shelter to serve those in need in the Auburn area. The Auburn Shelter opened June 1, 2015 on a temporary 90 day basis and in November  2015 is changing to be a 24/7 center. RHA is moving forward to continue to provide shelter and services for the needy of Auburn area and encourage ongoing homeless studies &  planning with the City of Auburn and County of Placer. RHA invites you to lift your hand to aid someone in need through donations, learn more about the shelter and lend your voice to support the mission of Right Hand Auburn.



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